Portable gas range for chestnut roasting

Since everything goes fine with my event organizing company (because of the extra training of the event managers) there is not so much left for me to do. I have maximum 15 hours of work per week. I’m bored as hell…I need something new, something where I can work.

I had a lot of different idea, so I had to make a short brainstorming with some of my friends in order to found out, which idea is good enough to bring it to the market. It ended up with a quite successful business plan validation.

First I’m going to test it, by doing it alone, and if it gets good feedbacks, we are going to expand it to a much bigger scale.

So, the idea is, that you get a tricycle (a big one), a parasol, a gas tank, some chestnut and portable gas range. You arrange them right, ride the bike to a crowded place and you roast the chestnuts. The fragrance will attract the people nearby and they’ll buy from you. If there is no more people with empty stomach you go to another crowded place and start the process from the beginning.


This is it. A mobile chestnut roasting. Isn’t it great?

I’m going to check whether my assumptions are right or not, but to do that first I have to create that bike with a gas a range. I have to find one, which is small enough, because it has to take less than 1m2 and it has to be powerful enough to roast those chestnuts properly and fast.

It isn’t the typical description of a gas range that you would buy, but I need one to materialize my idea. To make it happen I searched for several different keywords and believe it or not, but I found the best gas range reviews ever! They describe every major type of gas ranges from the biggest industrial products to the smallest ones and they give suggestions to choose the most suitable. I found what I needed, and if it arrives in time, I can start to assemble my tricycle this weekend.

If you smell roasted chestnut next week, look around, I’ll be there!