My gift: a record player

I woke up to another freezing cold day today. Is it cold where you live, too? Seriously, I don’t know how much longer I can stand this cold. I mean it has been fricking minus 10 degrees for the past few weeks. I want sun and I want heat! I want summer back!

Ahh, anyway. Enough drama for today. I hope you are doing fine. Let me know in a comment!

You know I live with my boyfriend. We have been living together for more than 6 months now. It has been great so far for which I am grateful. I want to celebrate this milestone so, I decided to buy him a gift he has been long for for a long time. A record player. He loves listening to his favourite rock bands. He has also got some vinyl’s. However, he hasn’t got any vinyl record player where he could play them. I believe he would really appreciate such a present.

one of my favorite record players

I am on a budget as I have been unemployed for some time. I am looking for a record player in the price range 100-200 dollars. As far as I read on this site called Pick My Turntable, one can already buy some good record players for such an amount. I haven’t decided which one to buy yet as there are loads of options and quite many of them are said to come with great sound quality and durable built-in materials. The two brands that seem to offer the best models for a price tag suitable to my budget are Audio Technica and Crosley Radio. I am going to pick one of their models for sure.

I plan to buy the device next week and give it to my boyfriend next weekend. I am so excited! I hope he will love it! Well, I am sure he will but still…I love presenting my beloved ones.

I will let you know which model I picked and how he reacted to my gift. Cross your fingers please!

Love xx