Gas grill and success

Here is my story with a gas grill…

I never thought that being the head of an event organizer company requires that much problem solving skills. I opened he business with 3 people and it was great. We loved to work with each other, we knew everyone’s strengths and weaknesses so we could help each other when it was neccessary. But now…we have 10 event organizer (or event coordinator – use which one you prefer) and it’s hard to manage all of them simultaneously. Furthermore new trends emerge and we have to adopt them, otherwise we couldn’t keep our positiion in this ever-changing market.

Last time we had to find some portable gas grill in order to bring them to one of our event, because nowdays people love to see how their food is made. In addition they love to choose the preferred meet and vegetable that the chef should prepare for them. I don’t really understand this trend, but we will provide it, if that’s what they want.

But finding the perfect gas grill was a tricky task. All of my coordinators’ had their hands full, so I had to manage this problem. Maybe it’s evident for others, but our partner company (who provides the chefs and the servers) had no idea what to do and gave me the honourable task to choose the most suitable grill. First I wanted to throw something heavy and hard at them, but after that I accepted the challange.

With my smarthphone in my pocket I instantly searched for the best solution. After a minute I already browsed a site about “differences between gas grills”. Not so later I already acquired craftmanship in this field (okay a comparison site helped me to find the best gas grill –, but they don’t have to know about it) and I was ready to make decision. After a day, we already had 2 of these devices.

Since that, we managed to use them on 3 different events and everybody loved this idea. Now all of our organizers try to book the grill in order to make sure they can bring it to their events…maybe I should buy more…