My gift: a record player

futuristic record player

I woke up to another freezing cold day today. Is it cold where you live, too? Seriously, I don’t know how much longer I can stand this cold. I mean it has been fricking minus 10 degrees for the past few weeks. I want sun and I want heat! I want summer back!

Ahh, anyway. Enough drama for today. I hope you are doing fine. Let me know in a comment!

You know I live with my boyfriend. We have been living together for more than 6 months now. It has been great so far for which I am grateful. I want to celebrate this milestone so, I decided to buy him a gift he has been long for for a long time. A record player. He loves listening to his favourite rock bands. He has also got some vinyl’s. However, he hasn’t got any vinyl record player where he could play them. I believe he would really appreciate such a present.

one of my favorite record players

I am on a budget as I have been unemployed for some time. I am looking for a record player in the price range 100-200 dollars. As far as I read on this site called Pick My Turntable, one can already buy some good record players for such an amount. I haven’t decided which one to buy yet as there are loads of options and quite many of them are said to come with great sound quality and durable built-in materials. The two brands that seem to offer the best models for a price tag suitable to my budget are Audio Technica and Crosley Radio. I am going to pick one of their models for sure.

I plan to buy the device next week and give it to my boyfriend next weekend. I am so excited! I hope he will love it! Well, I am sure he will but still…I love presenting my beloved ones.

I will let you know which model I picked and how he reacted to my gift. Cross your fingers please!

Love xx

Portable gas range for chestnut roasting

Since everything goes fine with my event organizing company (because of the extra training of the event managers) there is not so much left for me to do. I have maximum 15 hours of work per week. I’m bored as hell…I need something new, something where I can work.

I had a lot of different idea, so I had to make a short brainstorming with some of my friends in order to found out, which idea is good enough to bring it to the market. It ended up with a quite successful business plan validation.

First I’m going to test it, by doing it alone, and if it gets good feedbacks, we are going to expand it to a much bigger scale.

So, the idea is, that you get a tricycle (a big one), a parasol, a gas tank, some chestnut and portable gas range. You arrange them right, ride the bike to a crowded place and you roast the chestnuts. The fragrance will attract the people nearby and they’ll buy from you. If there is no more people with empty stomach you go to another crowded place and start the process from the beginning.


This is it. A mobile chestnut roasting. Isn’t it great?

I’m going to check whether my assumptions are right or not, but to do that first I have to create that bike with a gas a range. I have to find one, which is small enough, because it has to take less than 1m2 and it has to be powerful enough to roast those chestnuts properly and fast.

It isn’t the typical description of a gas range that you would buy, but I need one to materialize my idea. To make it happen I searched for several different keywords and believe it or not, but I found the best gas range reviews ever! They describe every major type of gas ranges from the biggest industrial products to the smallest ones and they give suggestions to choose the most suitable. I found what I needed, and if it arrives in time, I can start to assemble my tricycle this weekend.

If you smell roasted chestnut next week, look around, I’ll be there!

Gas grill and success

Here is my story with a gas grill…

I never thought that being the head of an event organizer company requires that much problem solving skills. I opened he business with 3 people and it was great. We loved to work with each other, we knew everyone’s strengths and weaknesses so we could help each other when it was neccessary. But now…we have 10 event organizer (or event coordinator – use which one you prefer) and it’s hard to manage all of them simultaneously. Furthermore new trends emerge and we have to adopt them, otherwise we couldn’t keep our positiion in this ever-changing market.

Last time we had to find some portable gas grill in order to bring them to one of our event, because nowdays people love to see how their food is made. In addition they love to choose the preferred meet and vegetable that the chef should prepare for them. I don’t really understand this trend, but we will provide it, if that’s what they want.

But finding the perfect gas grill was a tricky task. All of my coordinators’ had their hands full, so I had to manage this problem. Maybe it’s evident for others, but our partner company (who provides the chefs and the servers) had no idea what to do and gave me the honourable task to choose the most suitable grill. First I wanted to throw something heavy and hard at them, but after that I accepted the challange.

With my smarthphone in my pocket I instantly searched for the best solution. After a minute I already browsed a site about “differences between gas grills”. Not so later I already acquired craftmanship in this field (okay a comparison site helped me to find the best gas grill –, but they don’t have to know about it) and I was ready to make decision. After a day, we already had 2 of these devices.

Since that, we managed to use them on 3 different events and everybody loved this idea. Now all of our organizers try to book the grill in order to make sure they can bring it to their events…maybe I should buy more…